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Emotional & behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, addictions etc. arise as a result of strained relationships and /or experience of trauma and unhealthy attempts to resolve it. Cissy can help you heal from these and other ailments of the mind and help you reclaim yourself.

The challenges facing today's families are plentiful. With both parents usually working demanding jobs, there is scarcely any time to even enjoy a meal together. Kids are given what they want, not what they need. Parents being busy and overwhelmed often do not have the energy to provide structure and boundaries essential for proper functioning. The absence of structure leads to an excessive use of media, which can lead to addiction, isolation, depression and anxiety. These conditions can continue into adolescence and adulthood if not intervened at the onset. Warning signs in children include attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, behavior problems including conflicts with authority. Thus, higher incidences of rebellion and defiance result in parent-child power struggles, with communication and problem solving replaced by frustration, anger and helplessness.

Cissy has extensive experience in family therapy, which is one of the most effective ways of treating children with emotional and behavioral problems and in helping families to healthy functioning.

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Post Traumatic Stress

During our lifetime, whether as First Responders, Military personnel or Civilian, some of us experience one or more event that will shake up our sense of the world. Some people can get through traumatic experiences without major set backs while others could develop a condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a psychological response to the experience of intense traumatic events, and the response could range from intense fear to a feeling of helplessness. For military veterans the condition may arise out of combat duties such as being in a war zone or participating in a peacekeeping mission under difficult and stressful conditions. For civilians, the trauma can come from experiences ranging from physical or sexual assault to natural disasters.

The symptoms of PTSD are primarily divided into three main category; they are: Intrusive symptoms, Avoidance and numbing symptoms and Arousal symptoms.

Cissy has 30 years of experience in helping those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress to recover. Cissy is a certified clinical traumatologist and a compassion fatigue specialist...