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What is counselling?

  • Counselling/therapy provides a forum where individuals, couples or families come together with a therapist to seek solutions to either a specific or a number of problems, to learn new coping skills, to become better organized, to seek an answer about a life dilemma, to function more maturely or to clarify and overcome what is ailing them.
  • It is a process of discovery, the goal of which is to eliminate or control troubling and painful symptoms so that you can restore normalcy in your life.

How do I know if I need therapy?

  • Counselling may be for you if you are feeling anxious, depressed, or unfulfilled in any sense. You may have tried to cope with your problems on your own but you find that nothing has worked.
  • If you can afford it, seek professional help. When problems or feelings interfere with life, either individually, in relationships or at work, quickly seeking help from a competent therapist can put you back in charge of yourself and help you save the most meaningful relationships in your life.

How do I get started? How do I make an appointment?

  • First, you need to contact the Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness by phone (613.967.9944) or email. An appointment will be made as soon as possible. Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. If you are not answered by one of the therapists, it usually means we are in a session. Please leave your name and contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • In our first meeting, we will explore your present situation, areas of strength and those requiring change, and your needs and concerns about therapy. The therapist will also go over with you the risks and benefits of therapy.

Is it confidential?

  • All information discussed during sessions is treated in the strictest confidence and remains confidential. This is crucial for you to trust the service, knowing that it is safe to talk openly about what is happening in your life. Nothing learned from clients, including the very fact of their visit or their initial enquiry, will be passed on outside the service without the client’s permission unless there is a clear ethical or legal duty do to so. If it is determined that someone is in danger or if a file is subpoenaed, confidentiality will be waived. This policy is in accordance with the code of ethics of the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Psychological Society.

Do you offer phone and online counselling?

Telephone Counselling

  • Yes we do. Telephone counselling is time efficient. It is ideal for people who cannot travel to our practice or for those who prefer telephone to face-to-face counselling for other reasons. We accept calls from any English or Malayalam speaking person, from anywhere across the globe. Telephone counselling sessions are private and confidential. There is research available supporting the effectiveness of telephone counselling.
  • Payment through our online payment page on our website is required before the scheduled appointment.

Online Counselling

  • Online counselling is available.
  • Sessions can also be conducted online through a video chat, whereby the therapist and client can see each other and speak through their own headset microphones, in live real time.
  • This can also be done via email or through live online chat services such as MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Although it is not as effective as telephone counselling, as it is much more time consuming for the client and the therapist to communicate with each other, in some cases it is beneficial.
  • Sessions can also be conducted online through Skype, which is a service essentially the same as telephone, save the long distance charges.
  • Payment through our online payment page on our website is required before the scheduled appointment.

How long can I expect to be in therapy?

  • Depending on your particular needs and goals, treatment should be relatively brief and the average number of hourly sessions varies from 8 to 15. However, some clients only need 1 to 5 sessions if their issues are very specific. For more severe problems, especially chronic or long-term difficulties, it may take longer. Others choose to have more long-term therapy with less frequent sessions over a longer period of time.
  • After the first or second initial session, your therapist will be able to tell you how long he/she considers you could be in therapy and you may make appointments as frequently as you wish.

How are the services paid for?

  • It is expected that payment be made at the beginning of each session.
  • At the office, payment can be made by cash or cheque. If you wish to pay by credit card or debit, payment must be made through our website via Paypal, as we do not have these machines in our office.
  • In some cases, services may can be covered through extended Health Benefits and if that is the case, it is solely the responsibility of the client to collect the money from their respective source.

Are fees covered by organizations

The Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness is a Private Organization and therefore its services are not covered through OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

However, below is a list of organizations that Cissy Pulikunnel is approved to provide services for. Once you confirm eligibility, services you receive from Cissy Pulikunnel are fully covered by these organizations. The type of services, degree, amount and duration of psychotherapy coverage may vary from organizations according to their mandate and claimant’s treatment needs.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved Health Service Provider for Veterans Affairs, Military & the RCMP. The Veterans Counselling Service at our centre provides psychotherapy assessment, readjustment counselling and treatment for problems including Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxiety, are fully covered by Blue Cross for eligible claimants. You can contact your respective local sources for additional information. You may also contact The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved health service provider for the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Psychotherapy services including assessment and treatment are fully covered by WSIB for eligible claimants. In order to be eligible, you must be approved for psychotherapy services by WSIB. Contact your employer and/or WSIB to facilitate a referral.


Cissy Pulikunnel is a registered Social Worker, therefore is approved to provide assessment, treatment and psychotherapy to those who have been injured as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident. Contact your insurance company to facilitate a referral and to have these services paid for. You can also contact the Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved service provider for First Nations & Inuit Health Branch for Health Canada. Please contact The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness to access counselling.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved service provider for victims of crime including, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, physical assault, rape and hate crimes through this Ministry Program. Contact either The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness or the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for information about accessing these services that is fully paid for by CICB.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved Victim Assistance provider under this Ministry Program. Anyone who has been a victim of violence, abuse, rape or a hate crime can access psychotherapy through this program very quickly. You may contact The Centre for family Preservation and Wellness to facilitate a referral. (PLEASE NOTE: There is a very short time limit from the date of the crime and when you must submit your application for this program, so please call us immediately should you have been a victim).

Who does the counselling?

  • Counselling is provided by an experienced, competent registered Social Worker and a registered Psychologist. Pastoral Counselling is also available.

What would my commitment be?

  • Entering into therapy is a major decision and it involves time and financial commitment. The sessions last for one hour once a week, although some clients prefer more than one session per week. You may be expected to do some tasks between sessions to expedite the attainment of therapeutic goals.
  • Clients who carry out homework assignments get better faster, and stay better longer. Your homework assignments might include keeping track of your moods, thoughts and behaviors, scheduling activities, developing goals, challenging your negative thoughts, changing the way you communicate with others, or whatever is deemed necessary for your specific problem.

What if I need medication?

  • If you are on or need medication, it is advised that you meet with your medical doctor for prescription and regular monitoring.

Do you provide counselling within EAPs?

  • Yes, we provide therapy under Employee Assistance Program’s.

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