Priests, Ministers & the Religious

Just as one healthy religious leader can positively influence a large number of people so can one unhealthy religious leader negatively influence a similarly large number of people. Cissy can help heal clergy and religious who have significant histories of childhood dysfunction that have been carried on into their ministry and manifest as psychological problems.

Moreover, Cissy can work with religious leaders who are overwhelmed with their rising workloads and may be experiencing burnout, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and lack of personal accomplishment. Cissy can help them manage their sometimes too busy lives to find satisfaction, nourishment and self-fulfillment in their vocation.

Cissy can also help clergy and religious in areas of physical health and self-care, for while most religious leaders are good about taking the necessary time off for recreation and rejuvenation, more than a few do not. Cissy can help religious leaders and ministers from falling into more dysfunctional ways of dealing with the very real stresses of religious life.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your ministry or are even thinking about leaving it, please contact Cissy or have your chancery office do so.

Family Preservation

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