What We Do

Founded in 1993, the Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness in Canada is a private Mental Health agency that provides clinical consultation and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families to help them deal with a range of emotional and inter-personal difficulties. The Mission of our Centre is to support and heal as many individuals, couples and families as possible in their quest for recovery from emotional, cognitive and behavioral concerns and to educate them about therapy so they may in turn educate others.

Our focus is on prevention and wellness and our counseling services and psychotherapy programs are geared toward assisting individuals and families in maximizing their potential for a healthier, productive and a more satisfying lifestyle. Our respectful, warm and caring approach helps establish a comfortable and safe environment that promotes healing.

Family Preservation

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Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved Health Service Provider for Veterans Affairs, Military & the RCMP. The Veterans Counseling Service at our centre provides psychotherapy assessment, readjustment counseling and treatment for problems including Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxiety, are fully covered by Blue Cross for eligible claimants. You can contact your respective local sources for additional information. You may also contact The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved health service provider for the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Psychotherapy services including assessment and treatment are fully covered by WSIB for eligible claimants. In order to be eligible, you must be approved for psychotherapy services by WSIB. Contact your employer and/or WSIB to facilitate a referral.


Cissy Pulikunnel is a registered Social Worker, therefore is approved to provide assessment, treatment and psychotherapy to those who have been injured as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident. Contact your insurance company to facilitate a referral and to have these services paid for. You can also contact the Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved service provider for First Nations & Inuit Health Branch for Health Canada. Please contact The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness to access counseling.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved service provider for victims of crime including, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, physical assault, rape and hate crimes through this Ministry Program. Contact either The Centre for Family Preservation and Wellness or the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for information about accessing these services that is fully paid for by CICB.


Cissy Pulikunnel is an approved Victim Assistance provider under this Ministry Program. Anyone who has been a victim of violence, abuse, rape or a hate crime can access psychotherapy through this program very quickly. You may contact The Centre for family Preservation and Wellness to facilitate a referral. (PLEASE NOTE: There is a very short time limit from the date of the crime and when you must submit your application for this program, so please call us immediately should you have been a victim).