Cissy Helps

To build hope, make a fresh start and become whole again.

New Mothers

Cissy and Michael can educate you on mothering and childhood development needs, increase your confidence and be the right coach and mentor for you. Cissy and Michael have over 30 years of experience in helping mothers develop a strong bond with their newborn and help normalize what is so natural.

Cissy Helps

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Pre and Postpartum depression and Beyond

We can help:

  • If you are excessively worried or have obsessive thoughts about hurting the baby
  • If you complain about the baby publicly and on Social Networking websites
  • If you experience considerable difficulties bonding with your baby
  • If you lack natural instincts to comfort and adequately care for your baby
  • If you lack knowledge about childhood needs and development
  • If your mood is either sad, depressed or agitated
  • If you are a frequent visitor to the hospital with the baby and convince medical professionals that the baby is sick with manufactured illnesses
  • If you misinterpret guidance as criticisms and refuse support from those who love you and your family
  • If you are overly concerned about body image
  • If you and your spouse are experiencing adjustment difficulties coping with the baby’s arrival
  • If others are worried about you and your baby

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Online Couselling

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