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Children & Adolescents

Growing up is not a simple process. Family life, school, friends and other factors play an important role in the quality of a young person’s life. Pressure can mount from all sides and sometimes a child does not feel they can talk to their parents about their struggles. Cissy and Michael offers a safe, comforting and pressure free environment where a child can express themself without the fear of judgment or letting their parents down. Cissy and Michael work with your child and the entire family to resolve performance problems, emotional issues and interfamily conflicts. Cissy and Michael provide the benefit of a reputable clinician or a mediator with the caring touch of a facilitator.

Regardless of age, family conflicts still occur and resolving these issues will allow the benefit of support, friendship and joy that can be found in a loving, close-knit family. Cissy and Michael are skilled and caring therapist who facilitates communication; one of the key aspects of any relationship. They will get you talking to each other so that you can communicate in a positive manner and work to solve your problems.

Cissy Helps

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Intervention and child counselling for a variety of difficulties, including:

  • Children who are disobedient to their parents
  • Children who lie and steal
  • Children who are hyper, undisciplined, sad, depressed, worried and anxious
  • Children who are behind academically, disorganized and unfocused
  • Children who are addicted to television, internet and video games
  • Children who withdraw, are overly shy or guarded
  • Children who exhibit clingy behavior or separation anxiety
  • Children who are sulky and display uncooperative behavior
  • Children who refuse to go to school or have school phobia
  • Children who have physical complaints such as headache or stomach pains for which no organic (medical) reason has been identified
  • Children who bully or have been bullied
  • Children who have a preoccupation with death or dying
  • Children who are excessively fatigued or have sleeping difficulties
  • Children who have eating disorders
  • Children who suffer from nightmares or night terrors or sleepwalking
  • Children who continue nail biting and thumb sucking
  • Children who are physically aggressive

Other child anxiety disorders include:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Academic concerns

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